Siperarchery Shooting Machine

//Siperarchery Shooting Machine

Siperarchery Shooting Machine


With the trigger machine you can calibrate displays, arrows, etc …

This machine is designed to work even with high power arcs.


  • The friction bushing system makes the opening smoothly on the stainless steel guides.
  • The bow support is adjustable and includes a system for leveling the visor.
  •  Includes bipod with tray, mounting tool and wooden box.


This machine is designed to make shots with total precision, thanks to its multiple calibration system, we can regulate where it supports the bow in the nylon bush, level it with the lower roller, the trigger can also be regulated in height and drift, carries a Micro adjustment for the approach of the ends of the pulley to the cables or shovel, brake to always open the same distance and never pass aperture and prevent accidents, and finally the machine can be regulated in height and drift millimetrically thanks to The knobs on the back, incorporates a bipode with tray tools.

Additional information

Weight25000 g


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