Sniperarchery 5.1 Basic (Complet)

//Sniperarchery 5.1 Basic (Complet)

Sniperarchery 5.1 Basic (Complet)


The 5.1 BASIC has been designed to perform practically every adjustments that a bow may need. It is manufactured in metal and has a bearing incorporated to increase smoothness during use.

The 5.1 BASIC has ONE 360 DEGREE ROTATION AXIS that allows to work horizontally and vertically on the bow, being the latter very practical to be used as a bow support when tuning sight visors in general and when tuning 2nd and 3rd axis of sight visor in particular. The vertical position is also very practical to be used as an arrow rest.

Manual Sniperarchery 5.1 Basic


5 Types of adjustments with only 1 tool:

  1. PRESS MODE: with tilting finger for an excellent bow/crossbow grip.
  2. BOW SUPPORT MODE: for confortable tuning of the accessory devices, such as sight visor, arrow rests, knock point finding…
  3. SYNCHRO MODE: for checking cam synchronization and tuning 2nd/3rd axis of sight visor.
  4. SHOOTING BENCH MODE: By installing the release on the Synchro you will be able to shoot a bow mounted on the 5.1 BASIC without the slightest torque so that you can perform the paper test.
  5. STRING JIG MODE: you will also be able to peform pretension on your strings.

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Weight23000 g


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